Reifa Tangon – Giving Back to the Indonesian People

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An individual who has excellent logical, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills with exceptional ability to master new concepts. A fast learner with complex systems and a good team player, problem solver, and ability to work under tight deadlines and articulate technical problems in a concise and coherent manner.

Reifa started her journey with a scholarship from Sampoerna Foundation to Pearson College UWC in Canada where she received IB Diploma. She later then continued her study at Methodist University with Davis & MU Presidential Scholarships and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Computer I.T. with a concentration in Business Information System.

After graduating from college, she started her career as a .NET developer at South Dakota Department of Labor. However, she found that her passion was much bigger than just being a developer. She decided to change her career to be a Quality Assurance Engineer at Health Language in Denver, CO. 6 years, 3 different countries, and a couple of jobs later, she still serving her passion to make sure the quality of software is still being implemented correctly every single time.

During her time working as a QA, she was able to work with one of the best consultancies in the market such as Tata Consultancy Services and McKinsey Digital Labs. She was also working as Lead QA at GO-JEK before decided to join Bukalapak.

So, why Bukalapak? Reifa seems to find her goals to give back to the Indonesian people align with Bukalapak. After living abroad for about 10 years, she found that there are needs to educate people in the world of I.T. in Indonesia especially in software quality assurance. The lack of QA talents in Indonesia drives her to organize one of the first QA community in Indonesia called Indonesia Software Quality Assurance (ISQA).

Bukalapak believes in the same thing, Bukalapak is a home for people to grow and support each other, this is part of our DNA. Bukalapak is now bigger than just a marketplace, we are a technology company built upon communities and strongly stand by them, and we want to build the best technology ecosystem, starting with finding people who have a strong desire and nurturing them to be the best.

What was once a small dream now has turned into reality. Bukalapak has grown bigger, crowned as a Unicorn, connecting and helping millions of Indonesians, bringing joy and tackling difficulties. Now, we build even bigger dreams and we’d like you to take a part of it, for a better future, for a stronger Indonesia.

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